I’m a simple girl with big goals and even bigger dreams. Born in India and raised in Europe, my family moved to America when I was a young teenager. My multi-cultural background and my travel around the world have exposed me to a variety of cultures and ways of life. I was able to observe how they approached nutrition, fitness and well-being. For over 5 years, I have worked as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, sports massage therapist and lifestyle coach within all aspects of the health and fitness industry. I am an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor, fitness model, and a 1st Phorm sponsored athlete.


I began competing in the summer of 2010 and went on to compete 4 more times before finally winning my IFBB Pro Card in 2012. I have a pretty competitive personality so initially I started competing to prove to myself I could. Eventually, I became more dedicated and committed to the sport and started competing with true passion and conviction. I went through many ups and downs over the last couple years with my health, physical and emotional well-being. I suffered from metabolic damage, injury to my hip and both shoulders; however, that did not stop me from trying again. I fought through the difficult days and stuck to my goals, and am now more determined than ever to continue to pursue my dreams and accomplish even greater things in my fitness career.


As the years go, by my passion for fitness grows as does my desire to help others achieve their goals. I completed several professional health and fitness programs in order to better understand the human body so that I can take my experience and knowledge to a higher level. I read and experimented with many different styles of dieting and nutrition trends to find out what works best for me and those that I help. I came to understand that health is not a one blanket formula. We all have different nutritional needs and our bodies are all unique and respond differently.  Some people think that nutrition and exercise is limited to just the physical appearance, but it  really impacts so many other areas of our lives. Our health, happiness, confidence, work, and family life are all affected by what we eat and what we do. My goal is to help make a difference in as many lives as possible, by setting a good example of living a healthy well-balanced life, working hard, staying positive and inspiring others. I want to teach you how to live a life free from yo-yo dieting and weight loss pills, and show you how to continuously live a healthy life so that you, too, can live your dreams and accomplish your goals.


Certified Personal Trainer with American Muscle & Fitness

Certified Sports Nutritionist with American Muscle & Fitness

ACE Certified Personal Trainer



1st Place NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic

1st Place NPC Europa Supershow

4th Place Texas State Championships

1st Place 2012 Nationals (IFBB Professional Status Achieved)

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